Makes Me Wanna Take a Back Road

While out for a leisurely drive this past Sunday, I encountered this country dirt road. I was actually headed to a church I wanted to photograph just beyond this, but I found this very intriguing.  Draped over the road, the moss covered branches dancing in the wind caught my eye. There was an air of mystery about as to where the road might lead. The Rodney Atkins song “Take A Back Road” came to mind and seemed like a fitting title.

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14 thoughts on “Makes Me Wanna Take a Back Road

  1. Hi,
    I can certainly see why you stopped to take the photo. It is not something you would normally see, so much moss on a tree, it looks sort of magical in a way, at night I assume it would look like something on the front of a book to a witch’s story, it also makes you want to see what is beyond and down that road, a mystery. 🙂

    I see you have a new blog, very nice, and a lot easier to comment as well. 🙂


    • It’s a small rural town in Sumter county named Linden. There’s a neat little church and an old cemetery not too far away from where this shot was taken. I didn’t venture down the road but perhaps I should have just to see what was out there. Thanks for the wonderful comments Bella!


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  4. Wow… I really like the angle from which you have taken this picture.. The fact you have stood right on the fence to take this shot, literally brings that image in front of you. It feels like am standing there and watching this seen. Fantastic!!


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