Linden United Methodist Church

On my April 18th post I presented a picture of a nice country road I came across in my travels. This time I bring you the church I was headed to. With a peaceful country setting, this is the Linden United Methodist Church in Sumter County, Florida. This one has been on my subject list for awhile and I finally got around to shooting it. The lighting was pretty nice this day and the sky was providing me with lots of clouds. I really love the architectural styling of the older churches. I walked around for a few minutes looking at the different angles trying to decide how I wanted to shoot it. The trees with the flowing moss really seemed to set it off. The sunlight reflecting off of the clouds directly over the church just added to the scene.

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13 thoughts on “Linden United Methodist Church

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  2. Michael – I photographed the farm 3 years ago and ether you stood in my footprints or I in yours. I like the B&W version.


  3. This is my home, although I attended church at the First Baptist Churh across the highway, this is still my home… I was born and raised here…


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