The Falls Behind The Trees

Today’s post brings a different kind of view of a waterfall. Let me just say that I am a huge fan of waterfalls. I have seen a lot of them, some more than once. And while nothing beats seeing one up close, sometimes it’s interesting to get another perspective. With that said, I present to you Toccoa Falls.

This beautiful waterfall is somewhat hidden in this picture. If you look behind the trees on the left you will see a waterfall that has a vertical drop of 186 feet. This view in particular is from the parking area. The sound of the rushing water leads to the excitement of actually taking in the visual. A short walk up a beautiful pathway is all that is required to get to the base of the falls. The water flowing over the rocks grabbed my attention as I noticed the falls in the background.

Toccoa Falls is located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa, Georgia. For some history behind this scenic location you can view this article on wikipedia.


29 thoughts on “The Falls Behind The Trees

  1. Hi,
    Fancy having this beautiful spot on college grounds, I would never want to leave it. I love the sound of water running over rocks, it is always so clean and fresh.
    I love the photo, it does make you want to look further, and the trees are just starting to come back with some greenery poking through here and there. I can just see a touch of orange on the left of more colour the trees are throwing out at us.

    Is that a walkway on the other side of the brook? If so does it lead up to the waterfall? A very interesting photo, I also think it is great the college left it the way nature intended with the beautiful river stones and the bush in place.


    • Thank you Mags for your great comments! I know exactly what you mean about the water! That is one of my favorite things about getting out in nature. This time of year is great for pictures just before the trees start to come back out.

      Yes that pathway goes right by the water straight to the waterfall which makes for a nice walk! Another interesting fact about this location is that you go through the college bookstore to pay admission to see the falls. I believe it was only like two or three dollars just to help support the store and gift shop.


  2. Maybe it is just me, or the portrait composition, my eyes were drawn first to the hidden waterfalls then only do I realise there are more waterfalls below. And waterfalls are always a delight to see.


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