Blue Skies and Butterflies

This is another photo from my recent trip to Disney’s 24 hour day where I shot the Dolphin Resort. Upon arriving at EPCOT, I setup my tripod in the perfect spot to capture my vision. I waited for the monorail to enter the scene so I could catch the reflection as it passed by. The clouds were plentiful and just added to the dynamic. Disney always goes all out with their flower displays which is evident by the colorful arrangements of butterflies and flower designs in the background. Always my favorite time to visit!


17 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Butterflies

  1. Hi,
    Wow, that is gorgeous, the colours in the flowers are magnificent, how I wish I could garden like that, to put lovely butterfly and patterns in the garden, not easy on a slope.
    You were right to wait for the monorail, that really does add to the photo, the refection looks unreal, and on closer inspection I see there is also a beautiful hedge that goes around the pond as well, they really go all out, whatever they pay the gardener it is not enough.
    A really great photo.


    • Thanks Mags! I appreciate the kind words. I can imagine that would be a difficult task on a slope! I really love clouds and reflections and this picture was in my head when I got there. Their landscaping is always top notch!


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