Small Falls

On Saturday I went to one of my favorite Florida State parks to take some pictures. Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon. Around this time of year the azaleas are in full bloom and this park is loaded with them. It is absolutely beautiful to see it in person. There are several pathways leading around the park to see these flowers as well as the springs where you can go swimming. Also they have three man-made waterfalls from the days when it was a tourist attraction before it became a park. The waterfalls are a bonus when you live in Florida! For this shot I decided to experiment a little bit. I used a specialty lens made by Lensbaby called the Composer. By tilting the lens at different angles it allows for a small area to be in focus and gives a nice blur around the rest of the image. In creating this shot it has the appearance of being a miniature waterfall.

To find out more information about this park please visit this link:


15 thoughts on “Small Falls

  1. Hi,
    I love the photo, what a truly lovely effect. It sounds like a wonderful park, a nice place to walk around and just enjoy nature. Azaleas are beautiful plants, so many different colours, they grow well here in OZ too, they look fabulous in a garden. 🙂


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  3. Lensbaby, that’s my first thought when I saw this picture. Waterfall is one of my favourite nature subjects that I love to photograph. Beautifully done. Love also the rich vibrancy in all your pictures, especially the flowers. Simply gorgeous!


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