Dolphin Resort

On Wednesday February 29th in celebration of Leap Year, Disney’s Magic Kingdom put on an event called one more Disney day. The park opened at 6:00 am Wednesday and closed at 6:00 am Thursday. 24 hours at a theme park? Awesome!! I decided I wanted to spend the daytime hours taking pictures and the nighttime hours enjoying the park with no camera. I walked around different areas for a while taking pictures here and there until I was satisfied that I accomplished my goal. This is one of the shots from that day.

Situated in the Walt Disney World area just outside of EPCOT and Disney’s Boardwalk sits two hotels across the way from each other. The Swan and Dolphin Resorts are architectural marvels. The design is something amazing to see. You kind of just stand there a few minutes taking it all in. I was standing on the beach area beside the hotel to set up for this shot. The clouds were more than cooperative for me hanging around all day so the sky would be more interesting. I am really drawn to reflections and this angle did not disappoint.


12 thoughts on “Dolphin Resort

  1. Hi,
    A truly beautiful photo, such gorgeous reflections, the colours of the buildings look magnificent in the water, and adds a lot to the overall look. Well done. 🙂


  2. Wow, wow, WOW Michael, this is STUNNING my friend!! Love the blue tones in the sky, peppered with gentle fluffy clouds.. and of course, the wonderful sharp architecture and it’s related reflection… they all come together to create just the most delicious scene my friend! 🙂


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