Peaceful Twilight

This is a shot from my recent road trip in March. After driving across the Foothills Parkway from Townsend, Tennessee to Chilhowee I arrived at this location with the light fading fast. This beautiful lake was right in front of me!  I pulled off the road because I knew I had to get a shot. When I stepped out of the car it was very dark and very quiet. All you could hear were the faint sounds of the night critters. Directly behind me was a dark shadowy wall of mountains. I setup my tripod to capture this scene. The air was very still and I knew I needed a long exposure to capture this the way it looked when I was there. I set my camera to 30 seconds and pressed the remote. When the image appeared on the screen after what seemed like an eternity, I knew I had what I wanted. I will never forget this night because it was so peaceful and I felt like I wanted to just stay there for hours and listen to the quiet! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Peaceful Twilight

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