Let’s Go Campin’

This is another image from the Pasco Bug Jam that I went to on November 13th. I really enjoy going to car shows and this one is a treat because it only happens once a year. This VW bus was in immaculate condition and attention to detail was very apparent just by getting a glimpse inside. The outside was just as nice with those amazing reflections. A couple of my favorite features were the crank-out windows on the sides and the pop-up top. Very cool!

Back In Black!

On Sunday November 13th I attended the 23rd annual Pasco Bug Jam. If you are a Volkswagen enthusiast this is THE place to be. There is always a huge turnout with lots of cars and lots of people. Virtually endless photo opportunities abound with an event of this magnitude. This is a 1974 Beetle that has had an extreme amount of customization. I was particularly drawn to the flames painted on the hood. The HDR process really brought those out as well as the mirror like finish on this beautiful car.

Stick around – more pictures to come real soon!

The Glow of First Presbyterian Church

This is another image from Scott Kelby’s 4th annual Worldwide Photowalk. Situated in downtown Kissimmee, Florida is The First Presbyterian Church. It has the distinction of being the oldest church in Kissimmee and has been in continuous operation since it was founded in 1884. The cloudless sky lent itself to a very bright sun and highlighted the moss covered trees to the point that they were almost glowing. Capturing this in HDR was the only way to get all of the details in the scene.

For a little more history on this church check out their website.

The Splendor of Pinewood

In continuation from a previous post found here we further explore Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. This is another image from Pinewood Estate, a Mediterranean-style mansion, located on the property. The bold, vibrant colors of the fountain really caught my eye as well as the four frogs adorning the bottom of this Spanish style fountain. The soft, gentle flow of water makes for a calm, peaceful setting. Cast iron benches in the background create a beautiful spot to relax and take it all in or perhaps even enjoy a book.

Future posts will showcase some more of this exquisite place so please do stay tuned. Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave a comment!

Silence Is Golden

When you live in Florida I think it’s mandatory to take pictures of boats and sunsets 🙂 But seriously they just fit like a great pair of shoes. I live just up the street from the beach and the marina. It’s a great place to go just to unwind from a long day even if you don’t take a camera. There wasn’t a lot of clouds but there was enough that it looked like it might be a decent sunset. So I ventured down to the beach to see what I could capture. The water was calm and peaceful as the sun was dipping down and creating this beautiful golden backdrop. I got lost  in the silence and for a little bit it felt like I was the only person on Earth. The reflection of the boats was calming as this scene unfolded before my eyes.

The Pioneers of Osceola

I participated in Scott Kelby’s 4th annual Worldwide Photowalk on Saturday October 1st in beautiful downtown Kissimmee, Florida. It was an absolute treat to photograph an area that isn’t too far from me but yet I have never been to. I have joined all 4 photowalks and have always enjoyed doing so. On this particular day the weather was very nice and it was perfect to walk around and explore a new town. I am drawn to architectural elements and had researched this area to see what was there to shoot. I found out about this courthouse and where it was located and knew I needed to see it in person. After exploring every side and angle of this impressive building I came across this scene and was stopped in my tracks. The way the light was coming through the trees and lighting up the area behind the statue was amazing. The sun just in the corner of the scene was perfect!

For more information about the history of the courthouse click here: Osceola County Historical Courthouse.

For more information about the statue please click here.


I recently had the privilege of visiting Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. This place is absolutely amazing! Boasting a tower that stands 205 feet tall with a 60 bell carillon that plays music daily, it is definitely a sight to behold. During my visit I walked through the gardens to the tower taking pictures along the way. Also on the property is the beautiful Pinewood Estate, a Mediterranean-style home that was built in the early 1930’s. I explored around outside of the house for awhile getting different shots. When I ventured around the back this is what I saw.  The shadows caught my eye and were the inspiration for this shot. In upcoming posts I will have pictures of the tower as well as some of the other eye-catching things I shot on this day, so please do stay tuned.