My Busy Life

Just got home from an awesome evening of good wine, good food and great friends.  I came home with a Third place ribbon for my “Unconditional Surrender” piece as the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the Progress Energy Art Gallery.  It was their 5th annual artist member’s exhibit.  A show for all the artists to show off their individual works and specialties.  There were lots of wonderful entries and I was honored to be chosen as one of the only top three awards given.  It was a really fun and inspiring evening – wonderful people.  I’m feeling on top of the world 🙂

HOPEFULLY – I’ll start keeping up with my blog more.  Things have been very busy with my photography lately and I don’t seem to have time to fit everything in. I’m loving every minute of it!

I had an opportunity a couple weeks ago to be involved in a charity  auction for abused and neglected animals.  I was contacted and asked if I would donate a piece of my artwork to the Suncoast Animal League to help these little guys out.  It was wonderful seeing so many artists come together to help out a great cause.  The auction was a great success and a lot of animals will now be able to get the help and treatment they need.  It was a wonderful night and I hope to be able to help out a lot more.


6 thoughts on “My Busy Life

  1. You’re an absolute inspiration Michael!! First and foremost, congratulations on the award; well deserved to say the very least!!! And secondly, I am so happy to hear that your photography is keeping you busy and that you’re doing well. You have no idea how inspiring this is to me!! Best wishes my friend!!


    • Thank you so much Toad! I truly appreciate the kind words! That makes me feel good that I inspire you because you inspire me as well. You really have an eye for architecture and it shows in your work. Thanks again!


  2. Hi Michael, good to meet you! Just had to comment on the wonderful, creative image that brought you well deserved awards and accolades! I last saw “The Kiss” sculpture in Sarasota and it never ceases to inspire. Love your photography on metal framing choice. Beautiful and unique!


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