Lakeside Retreat

In a previous post which can be found here, 1929 Cadillac, I took a visit to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.  I would like to share another picture from this “Disney Day.”

It was a very picturesque day as I setup for this shot. The clouds were creating a nice soft, diffused light. The forecast called for rain, but it stayed away. As I wandered around the beautiful grounds, I was taking it all in. I had seen this yacht before and knew I had to incorporate it into a shot. This particular building, Conch Key, is just one of the many luxurious buildings on the resort property. The yacht adds a nice touch. I was hoping to get a nice reflection, but the water didn’t cooperate. There’s always next time! 🙂

I still have another picture from this day waiting in the wings for a future blog post, so be sure and stay tuned for that. It will feature a view from inside Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

If you would like to view more pictures on my blog from Disney, just click here.

To enjoy a larger view, please click on the image below!

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29 thoughts on “Lakeside Retreat

  1. I’ve got nice friends from Florida visiting me in Prague, they always invited me to come to Florida, but there is the thing with time and money, but after seeing your pictures I know I have to GO


    • There is definitely a lot to see here if you get the opportunity to visit Florida! Likewise I have always wanted to visit Prague! Thank you Katy for your visit to my blog and for the wonderful comments! It is very much appreciated!


  2. Splendid! There is just something about this capture that makes you want to keep staring at it.
    Can I possibly copy it on my PC, Michael??



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