1929 Cadillac

As a photographer living in central Florida, it’s always nice being so close to great places like Disney. I get to go on photo excursions that I have lovingly named “Disney Days!” This particular day was indeed a fun one as I came back with lots of images I was pleased with.

My day started out at the newly opened Art of Animation Resort where I got this shot: Wheel Well Motel. I spent all of my time here exploring the “Cars” themed area. The detail that they put into this place is nothing short of amazing.

My next stop was the Grand Floridian Resort. This Victorian style hotel is absolutely breathtaking when you step inside. As I walked in I noticed the reflection on the floor and got the idea in my head for this shot: The Grand Entrance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a floor so shiny in all my life! And the magnitude of the chandelier hanging from the ceiling is awesome.

After spending some time exploring inside, I ventured outdoors to see what I might find. Parked out in front of the hotel is a carriage and a 1929 Cadillac. Perfectly fitting in with the theme of this resort, this car is certainly a showstopper.

Huge headlights, whitewall tires, running boards, and a fancy hood ornament were all common in this time period. Even details like a fancy belt to hold the spare tire on were not overlooked.

In an upcoming post,  I will be featuring an image from my final stop of the day, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, so be sure to watch for that one.

If you would like to view more pictures on my blog from Disney, just click here.

To enjoy a larger view, please click on the image below!

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29 thoughts on “1929 Cadillac

  1. Great post, Michael (and awesome Cadillac pic! Wow!) I clicked on over to the Disney’s Art Animation resort link…my kids would LOVE to go there…it’s unlikely, time or budget wise…but that’s not stopping me from leaving the link up and window open for my hubs to see 😉


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