The Pioneers of Osceola

I participated in Scott Kelby’s 4th annual Worldwide Photowalk on Saturday October 1st in beautiful downtown Kissimmee, Florida. It was an absolute treat to photograph an area that isn’t too far from me but yet I have never been to. I have joined all 4 photowalks and have always enjoyed doing so. On this particular day the weather was very nice and it was perfect to walk around and explore a new town. I am drawn to architectural elements and had researched this area to see what was there to shoot. I found out about this courthouse and where it was located and knew I needed to see it in person. After exploring every side and angle of this impressive building I came across this scene and was stopped in my tracks. The way the light was coming through the trees and lighting up the area behind the statue was amazing. The sun just in the corner of the scene was perfect!

For more information about the history of the courthouse click here: Osceola County Historical Courthouse.

For more information about the statue please click here.

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