Cedar Bluff United Methodist Church

On my quest to find this bridge I came across this quaint church. I was driving out some beautiful country roads just outside of Sevierville, Tennessee and had to stop and take pictures. I am a sucker for architecture and I love churches! The setting of the hills and farmland really gets to me. This was shot in March and the trees were still bare as the temperature was still pretty cold.

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12 thoughts on “Cedar Bluff United Methodist Church

  1. I visited this the other day, thought I had left a comment, but can’t find it. Anyway, I love this photo so much! Did you filter it in photoshop to achieve somewhat of an hdr effect? It is so PERFECT! 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you love it! This was actually 3 exposures merged together and tonemapped in Photomatix Pro. Then it was brought back into Lightroom for some finishing touches. Thanks again – I appreciate the feedback!


  2. Stunning, absolutely stunning Michael! I love old heritage architecture, and the way you composed and framed this shot, you’ve not just captured perfectly the church, but once again we find some extra context that really adds a lot of drama to the overall scene! I love this!


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