Shiloh United Methodist Church

This beautiful church is located in the small town of Vienna, Georgia about 60 miles south of Macon. I spotted it off in the distance while traveling north on I-75 heading to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. I kept going for a little bit before I decided to get off the interstate and see if I could find it. I’m glad I did! It was like stepping back in time. I just love the architectural styling of the older churches.


6 thoughts on “Shiloh United Methodist Church

  1. I live about one quarter mile south of Shiloh United Methodist Church…have lived her for nearly 45 years. While searching my genealogy, I found that my Grandfather lived right down the road from this beautiful church when he was a boy. Ironic, that I have lived most of my life where he lived his boyhood. It is a beautiful church with beautiful people. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Carol, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sharing your story! That is pretty amazing to discover something like that. It truly is a beautiful church. I have always loved country settings like this one. Hope you visit my blog again!


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