An Awesome Road Trip plus a waterfall Part Two

This is the second post from my trip. Nestled in the mountains of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is this awesome waterfall Laurel Falls. It is accessible by a paved trail that takes you on a 2 mile round trip to this scenic view. I am still in the process of going through my collection of images from the trip so I will keep adding them here and on my flickr page as well. So keep checking back as I add to my postaweek2011 challenge.

Laurel Falls


4 thoughts on “An Awesome Road Trip plus a waterfall Part Two

  1. Great scene and exposure Michael. I also like the post processing on it. Did you tone-map a single image here? It has some of the ‘look’ of HDR but I’m assuming it’s a single capture given the long exposure?

    Anyway great work! Nice blog too…


    • Thanks for checking it out Kevin. This is a single exposure post processed in Lightroom 3. Went to Photoshop to use Topaz Adjust and applied a tonal contrast filter. Glad you like my blog. Take care!


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