1948 Chevy Convertible

I like to hit a lot of the local weekly and nightly cruise-ins. This one in particular is every Tuesday night at the Prime Time restaurant. Jan’s Cruizin is a great place to see some awesome cars. I think classic cars and HDR photography go together really well. I prefer to take my bracketed shots on a tripod just to insure there is no movement between shots. This is a 3 exposure HDR. Please feel free to leave me a comment – I always respond and appreciate them!


6 thoughts on “1948 Chevy Convertible

  1. This is beyond great Michael! I have to shoot a very very rare car in the spring, and of course I was planning on HDR, but I haven’t really seen any great examples of hot cars in HDR before I met you. This is giving me great confidence and inspiration! I’ve gotta get our convertible Corvette all gussied up and do a shoot on her…. anyways, I don’t mean to digress, I just love hot rods! Really great image!!


    • Wow thanks so much for the very kind words! I truly appreciate it! From the work I’ve seen from you I know you’ll do great with it. Know what you mean about hot rods – love ’em! Thanks again for the wonderful comments!


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