Flowers in England

Taken on my last trip to England. Well in EPCOT that is! The vibrant flowers and the brick facade really caught my eye.


2 thoughts on “Flowers in England

  1. OK my friend, I am in love with this image. It really appeals to me a lot (I just love architectural photography that focuses on historic and heritage features) but I have to comment especially on the brickwork and your attention to processing. The columns really add an important element as well. I think this picture is really something that immediately takes us to Olde London in an instant.


    • Thank you so much! When I saw this scene I already had the final image in my head and knew how I wanted to process it. I am a huge fan of historic structures as well. I think the Disney folks really did their homework when they designed this park. Thanks again for taking the time to leave me a comment – I truly appreciate it!


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