Silver Bullet

In a recent blog post – Vette Dreams – I had a picture of a shiny red Corvette with another car reflecting in the side of it. Today’s post shows the car that is in the reflection.

A 2014 Corvette Stingray, located at the end of the Test Track ride at Disney’s EPCOT Center. I really liked the play of light and shadow from the perfect angles of the very subdued lighting. The hint of purple lights caught my eye and I wanted to make sure it came through in the final image. The sharp curves and flowing lines let you know what this beast is made of. From the poster on the back left wall we get a glimpse of the front end. This car looks tough!

If you would like to view more pictures on my blog from Disney, just click here.

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Please be sure to click on the image below to view it in full-screen mode to see all of the details!

Silver Bullet


18 thoughts on “Silver Bullet

  1. What a GREAT photograph, Michael, love those lines and curves there! One look is all it takes, you know exactly what you’re dealing with here. Your composition and processing is totally spot-on, bringing out all the character here!


  2. Wow! What an awesome capture of Liberty Belle and its surroundings. Loved how the stillness of the water mirrored the scene above.


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