Monster Jam

This past Saturday I got to attend an event that I have not been to for a long time. The Monster Jam! Held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, they put this on twice a year usually a couple of weeks apart. Big giant trucks completely modified and ready to run over anything in their path. It’s an extremely impressive show to say the least. The day started off with a pit party at 2 o’clock. The trucks were all situated in an open area across the street from the stadium. Autographs and photo opps were available for those willing to stand in line. The pit area closed off about 5 o’clock and all of those in attendance were treated to a parade of 4×4’s crossing the street. Upon entering the stadium and taking my seat, I was ready for some action! The show started with some midget race cars running around the track followed by demolition derby cars. When the monster trucks came out they drove around the track showing off. The loud rumble of raw horsepower shook the entire stadium – it was awesome!

(Note: Please click on each image to view them full screen!)

Iron Man

The track was setup with a few junk cars that you knew we’re going to be smashed. Oh the anticipation! First up was the qualifying rounds. Two beasts squared off against each other to see who could make their laps the quickest.

El Toro Loco

Once a winner was determined, it was time for the freestyle event. All of the advertising leading up to this night was touting a monster truck doing a backflip! And it was absolutely awesome!

Maximum Destruction

A couple of old junk rv’s were brought out and they were turned into dust by the end of the show.

Ice Cream Man

All in all it was a totally amazing night of destruction. If the Monster Jam comes to a town near you, be sure not to miss it. You won’t be disappointed!

War Wizard

Lots of air was used tonight!


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24 thoughts on “Monster Jam

  1. That third shot is a stunner – you can almost feel the heat!! If you don’t mind a question – are these HDR? And if so, how do you shoot for that when you have a subject obviously moving so quickly? Your work is inspirational, especially since I also live in FL.


  2. These are great shots! I am actually going to my first monster truck event tonight in Phoenix, now I know what to expect- hope mine come out as nice as yours!


  3. OK, so, I got all jazzed up after seeing your post here and headed straight down to my local car dealership to trade the Corvette in on a monster truck! Sadly they were all out, but I’ve been put down on a waiting list for the next one that gets traded in for a family van!

    What an awesome, awesome set of photographs, Michael! There is no way I’m gonna pick a favorite because they are ALL terrific! Really well done!


  4. Wow! And more wow! A blast of a post. Thrilling all the way! I passed Tampa this Summer when we spend several days in Clearwater. I didn’t want to live. There is something addicting about being close to the beach. Problems seem to just drift away with the tides.


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