In The Wilderness

There is a place where the crickets chirp all day. You can find peace and solitude. You can cozy up to a fire. You can sit, relax, read a good book.

Welcome to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. If you enjoy the great outdoors, then this is the place for you. This resort looks like it could be in the mountains. Resembling a giant log cabin, they kept it very authentic in every detail. Walking around the property the soothing sound of crickets can be heard. There is a boardwalk that takes you to a lake where you can take a leisurely boat ride. You truly feel like you are in the woods.

Stepping inside the lodge you are instantly surrounded by the woodsy feeling. From the log beams and railings, to the intricately carved totem poles, the attention to detail is outstanding. The lobby is completely open from floor to ceiling.

What really caught my eye though are these amazing light fixtures that are true works of art themselves. They look like wigwams with buffalo and Indians running around them. Again the attention to detail is just immaculate!

If you would like to view more pictures on my blog from Disney, just click here.

To enjoy a larger view, please click on the image below!

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46 thoughts on “In The Wilderness

  1. This reminds me of my first visit to Disneland many years ago. I assumed I was going to hate it and ended up being fascinated by the attention to detail and creativity. Those lamps are fabulous. Thanks for this great view.


    • It is a very amazing resort Bella! Yeah they have speakers hidden in the trees all around the property with the chirps. I’m glad you liked the picture! Thanks for stopping by!
      Also one of my readers informed us that the design was based on the Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone. There is a mini geyser at the back of the property, but I haven’t seen it going when I was there. Pretty cool!


  2. Oh, wow–I was just there last night. I had gone with the intention of reading my book, but the Christmas tree is up so I spent time enjoying that instead :)! You would love the fixtures on the tree that match the wigwams in the lobby. I took lots of photos, but they’re nothing compared to yours!

    To Bella Remy: I took a tour of Wilderness Lodge, and learned that one of the places they based the design on was Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone :).


    • That sounds awesome Wendy! I have seen the tree on previous visits but I never really paid attention to the ornaments. I am planning on going there again before Christmas so I will be sure to check them out. Thanks for the compliments on my photos and for the info about the design of the lodge!


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  4. Wonderful shot of the lodge! I’ve been there several times and it really is “camping” in luxury! Also, just found your blog for the first time – how have I not been here sooner?!

    Looking forward to following along!


  5. Hi,
    What an astonishing place. The wood work is magnificent, and I totally agree with you about the lighting. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into this the planning also would of taken a lot of time, a great photo you have captured it all so very well.


    • Thank you so much Mags! This is probably my favorite of the resorts at Disney. I really love the feeling you get when you step inside. And there’s nothing like the smell of a roaring fire in the fireplace either!


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