Sunset on the Serengeti

No not the African plains but Florida! Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa to be exact. Photo opportunities abound when you pay a visit here. There is a variety of animals to see and learn about. This image features three of their stars: a Reticulated Giraffe and two Marabou Storks. This was a perfect day for taking pictures as it rained off and on all day. The clouds would come and go opening up briefly to let the sunlight in. I was walking around taking pictures of the birds when I spotted this lone giraffe. He kept getting closer to me and I had the hopes of getting a close-up shot. He stopped at a comfortable distance from me and stayed where he was. With him keeping a close watch on me, I setup the shot to include the two storks with the giraffe in the background. I got four shots before he turned and ran away. The color in the sky and the giraffe staring right at me was my favorite shot.

To enjoy a larger view, please click on the image below!

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52 thoughts on “Sunset on the Serengeti

  1. I was once lucky enough to spend time in kenya and watch giraffes in the wild. I was amazed by the size and beauty of them. It is something I will never forget. I love your photo. Unfortunately the photos i took in Africa are not digital so I have not got round to scanning them on to the computer – another job for when i have time!


    • I can imagine that was a very exciting trip! That is something I would love to do someday! Giraffes are majestic creatures aren’t they? I’m glad you got to experience them in the wild. I know you’ll get them scanned in soon. Thanks for your kind visit and wonderful comments!


  2. Faked me out ! Thought you went to an African Safari and taunted me with your fabulous wildlife photos. This is absolutely amazing the lighting is surreal. How did you ever capture this photo in the way you show here? Amazing stuff Michael!


    • I would love to go on an African safari! But here in Florida, this is the next best thing! Stormy skies often bring out the best lighting to create dramatic scenes. Thanks so much Bella for your terrific, thoughtful comments!


  3. Michael, the photo is exquisite. Beautiful. I lived in Tampa a while back, and know Busch Gardens well. This does bring back a memory or two, but the photo stands alone, thank you for sharing this.


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  5. (Also, Michael, wanted to pass along that I’ve nominated most deserving you for two awards! If you’d like to accept it, please check out my post here. If you’d rather not, please know that I respect the work you put into your blog and am more than happy just to have been able to mention it, lovingly, on my own.

    With love,



  6. This is amazing! Reminds me of the African section of the Night Safari we have here in Singapore. And I like how the giraffe seems to be looking into the camera.


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