The Cottage

Imagine walking down a flower lined pathway, across a little bridge over a tranquil pool of water. Can you see it? Do you smell the aroma of fresh-cut grass and flowers? Awesome now you’re here!

Welcome to the Canada area in Disney’s  EPCOT Center. A place full of wonderful architecture and beauty that I can never spend enough time at. This scene greets visitors on their way to a premier dining destination known as Le Cellier Steakhouse. This quaint little cottage caught my eye so I decided to set up for a shot. I got down low so I could include the reflection in the water and get the Caladiums up close that were right in front of me. I felt like I was looking at a painting. Even though there were other people around I zoned out into the peacefulness of the moment.

Although I have not been to Canada yet, I am planning on visiting someday. I can imagine this is what it would look like from some of the pictures I’ve seen. They have a 360 degree theater with a film about different areas in Canada called O Canada! I’ve seen it a couple of times and it is very enjoyable.

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The Cottage