Hiwassee Union Baptist Church

Since moving to Tennessee almost two years ago, I have done lots of exploring. I constantly search the internet to find interesting places for picture taking. I keep a list so that I can refer to it and pick out a place to travel to. Today we are going to visit the small town of Reliance, TN.

I saw a picture of this church and had to instantly add it to my list. I really love old churches. They have so much character. And when you find one this old still in great shape, well, you have to check it out!

Built in 1899, this church is situated on the banks of the scenic Hiwassee River. Standing the test of time, it is a true testament to the folks that built it.

My timing couldn’t have been better as the sun was setting and the sky was ablaze with color. I quickly surveyed the scene to find the best angle. The orange glow on the river and the fiery clouds really got me excited. I setup my tripod to capture the breathtaking light before it faded into darkness.

I plan on returning again to this spot really soon. It certainly makes me happy to live in Tennessee with so much scenery!

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Hiwassee Union Baptist Church

Located in Reliance, TN. The setting sun accents this beautiful church built in 1899.


Middle Creek United Methodist Church

This was an amazing find. I was driving around Pigeon Forge, Tennessee looking for a specific road that I had been on before a long time ago. While I did finally find the road and what I was looking for (which will be the subject of a future post) I came across this church and had to stop. I just absolutely love the architectural style of older churches and this one did not disappoint. I shot many different angles of this scene but I felt this one portrayed it the best. I really like how the clouds were aligned and the light was just right!

Here is a link to the church website with more information about it and some of the history behind it!

Middle Creek United Methodist Church