Moonlight Sonata

This past Saturday, I spent the day at one of my favorite local parks; Fort De Soto Park. Situated on an island in Tierra Verde, FL, this park features miles of beaches, nature trails, a boat ramp, and a large campground just to name a few of the amenities. The namesake of the park comes from the fort that was built in 1898 as a coastline defense during the Spanish American War.

After spending the better part of the day exploring the fort and walking the beach, I headed over to the other side of the island to get setup for the moonrise. For this shot I wanted the Sunshine Skyway bridge in the background. I had already scouted out the area earlier in the day, so I knew about where the moon should appear on the horizon. I patiently awaited for it to show itself, but due to atmospheric conditions, it wasn’t actually visible until it had been up for about 13 minutes. I really liked this shot with the light reflecting on top of the water and just a hint of clouds above the moon.

For more information about the park and it’s interesting history click here.

To enjoy a larger view, please click on the image below!

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60 thoughts on “Moonlight Sonata

  1. Hi,
    Wow, I mean Wow, that is a really beautiful photo, just gorgeous, and I agree, the moon shinning on the water looks spectacular, I also like the bridge in the background as well, it adds so much more, I just love it. Well done. πŸ˜€

    I had a look at the link you put in, and it really is an amazing place, very lovely beach, and I love the old Fort as well, there certainly is a lot of history attached to the area.


    • Thanks so much for the wonderful comments Mags! Everything came together to help me make this shot. On a side note, I can’t believe I forgot to even mention the bridge! Thanks for pointing that out – I added the name in!


  2. This is one of those pics which you look at and feel dumb struck and at loss of words. You have brought that scene in front of us. The fact it was the super moon past weekend must have helped. Wonderful pic.. can you share the aperture and time exposure details?


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  4. Wonderful photo! I love the composition, the colours and atmosphere and especially these reflections on the water and on the cables of the bridge. Really good work!


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  7. I have just met you and your blog because of dear Mags, she talked about you on her blog today. I am so glad for this… When I visit your “Moonlight” photograph, I fall in love with them… To say “so beautiful” won’t be enough to explain my thoughts… This is great shot. I can never forget it… Beethoven composed unforgettable song of “Moonlight” and you did the picture of this song. Thank you, with my love, nia


  8. Exquisite photograph of the moon and bridge – I find bridges fascinating as my dad (a steelman) used to show me all the bridges he had worked on and explain exactly how they are constructed. Your photo brought back happy memories and thank you for that. I too found it on Mags blog.


    • Thank you for the great compliment! I have always loved bridges; they are masterpieces to see. That must have been amazing to get a firsthand tour of those bridges. I’m glad that this brought you happy memories and I appreciate Mags pointing you to my blog post!


  9. Stunning photo … have been looking around on your photos. You’re very talent. This picture is breathtaking – but I love anything with moonlight … the bridge is very likeness the bridge we have between Copenhagen and Malmoe, Sweden.


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